Our Culture

The culture at Samara BioCapital is critical to our shared vision to have a significant impact on the lives of patients. We recognize that we accomplish this only indirectly, but we feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to be investing in a remarkably prolific time for biotech innovation, and to work with inspiring companies as they develop important and innovative new therapies.

  1. Team & Culture

    Samsara’s foundation is a culture of openness, transparency, and honesty, both internally within our team, and externally with our Limited Partners and our portfolio companies. We believe in an all-for-one, one-for-all philosophy in which everyone contributes to and is passionate about the work, and everyone has a sense of ownership in the entire portfolio.

  2. Scientific rigor & intellectual curiosity

    We are a team of scientists, investors, and operators who apply a rigorous diligence process to each investment opportunity. We believe in active/hands-on engagement as board members and data-driven decision making, and we operate with high ethics and integrity.

  3. Collaboration with scientific founders, entrepreneurs, and co-investors

    We are eager to be important partners with each of our portfolio companies, and we believe the best outcomes arise from an aligned vision within a setting of transparency and close collaboration. We treat all constituents as equally important partners in building our portfolio companies.

  4. Unmet medical need & patient benefit

    Samsara’s culture and philosophy are deeply rooted in a patient-first mentality, as this is a fundamental driver of all that we do. We aim to invest in and collaborate with exceptional teams that are developing innovative and differentiated therapies that have a meaningful impact on patients. This is not only incredibly rewarding and gratifying, it is also consistent with the drivers for all the other key stakeholders in the system (payers, providers, patients, regulators).

  5. Long term value creation

    We employ a long term, patient, company-build perspective with our portfolio, and we collaborate with management to do what is best over the long run for the company, and for patients. We provide capital through a company’s full risk cycle and over many years, whether the company is private or public. We actively reject the philosophy of exiting as quickly as possible. We believe this approach is consistent with the life cycle of our deals, provides optimal collaboration with our teams, and the opportunity for better financial returns and the incredible gratification of seeing innovative therapies reach patients.

  6. Philanthropy

    We believe we all have an obligation to give back to society in individual ways that resonate with each of us, and each of Samsara’s senior team has pledged a portion of carried interest to charity. We have also launched the Samsara Global Health Foundation (SGHF) so that the Samsara team can work together to have an impact on pressing global health issues.