Levi Smith, PharmD, PhD

Senior Associate

Levi Smith joined Samsara in 2021 as a Senior Analyst. He currently serves as a board observer at Septerna and Enlaza Therapeutics. Levi was previously an observer on the board of Vedere Bio II.

Prior to Samsara, Levi was a Research Investigator and employee #4 at Halda Therapeutics where he co-led the discovery of chemical inducers of proximity for oncology targets. Before joining Halda, Levi was a Venture Fellow for Canaan Partners.

Levi received his PhD from Yale University where his research focused on the discovery of small molecules for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. His work included repurposing near-drugs as well as the discovery of novel modulators of cellular prion protein, mGluR5, and Fyn kinase. Levi’s research was recognized with the Young Investigator Award from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. Prior to Yale, Levi received his PharmD from Butler University.