Aditya Asokan, PhD

Senior Associate

Aditya joined Samsara as a Senior Analyst in 2020 and he currently serves on the Board of Palvella Therapeutics and is a Board Observer for Abata Therapeutics, Alpha 9 Oncology, Fluent Biosciences and ImmunOs Therapeutics.

Prior to joining Samsara, Aditya completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University where he studied the role of microglia in synapse pruning and cognition in the adult brain, and the role of aberrant neuro-immune signaling in the progression of neurodegenerative disorders. As a graduate student, Aditya studied the role of neuroinflammation in age-related cognitive decline. Outside the lab, Aditya also consulted for various life science investment firms such as Aquilo Capital Management and Sofinnova Investments and was a founding member of the Mythos Biotechnology Fund, a student and postdoc-led life science investment club at Stanford.

Aditya received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Florida and is an alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite Program in Entrepreneurship and innovation.